Blue Notes

Blue is fascinating.

Not so new after all, the barbarian celtic and german tribes also painted their faces blue to scare away their enemies.
Blue is inspiring.

Poets looked for the „blue flower of romanticism“

Die blaue Blume der Romantik

and painters called themselves „Der blaue Reiter“ – the blue rider-

Der blaue Reiter

Blue is interesting. It’s everywhere

and also rare

it can catch your mood

in different ways

until you can‘ see straight

you have to get off your

and your wonderful dress

lay down

and dream some wonderful blue dreams.

So, how do you feel about blue?

P.S. this goes to wordpress weekly writing challenge, of course


10 Gedanken zu “Blue Notes

  1. once I have read a whole book about blue
    and it comes out it is actually a modern color… and it was mostly introduced in history by the Germans 🙂 Romans and Greeks were strangely living without blue, so it seems. interesting reading if you really like this color (it is one of my favorites, sometimes my absolute favorite, depending on the mood).

    Gefällt mir

    1. hello and thank you- blue really is fascinating. I only read the english wikipedia on blue, and after that is was not so easy to keep in line with my intention of blue notes and blue music, especially for me here in Germany where blue has a real history. Maybe I´ll write more blue words sometime…
      have a nice sunday!

      Gefällt mir

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