Mürbe Hörnchen – World Bread Day 2012

First times are always special, and as I just recently found my way into the blogosphere of the bread-baking community, this is a first for me, World Bread Day.
So, what to choose for this special occasion? Something with at least a remote connection to the region where I live. In my favorite bakery my eyes fell on „mürbe Hörnchen“ and I thought- that’s it! Now I started the dough, and the writing, and found out that the region around Bamberg claims the original Bamberger Hörnchen, slightly off from where I live, but as we celebrate around the world this small distance will not matter. (At least I hope so)
So, now here they come, mürbe Hörnchen, also called Bamberger or Butter- Hörnchen; tender, crumbly, mellow croissants you would call them- I hope the results will match these high expectations.
I always work with a starter dough, so, yesterday evening a small bowl with a lid was filled with flour, baking malt, and the yeast dissolved in the water, all stirred and kneaded a little, the lid comes on the bowl and the whole thing is put away for the night.
Next morning I fetch the big kneading bowl and put in:
Both kinds of flour, salt and the starter which has worked nicely overnight. In half the milk I dissolve the yeast, the butter with the remaining milk gets to melt in the microwave; all is put together and I stir and knead until I get a really smooth dough. This ist set to rise, into the stove with just the light turned on, so that the dough can feel comfortable.

smooth ist is, and folded it has been

Once folded in between; the dough has risen sufficiently and the shaping begins.

Roll out, brush with ghee; cut in triangles, and roll, the last ones always look the nicest.

cut in triangles

Let rise again, for about half an hour, then turn the stove on and brush the croissants with a mixture of an eggyolk and milk

perfectly shaped?

bake- and enjoy!

they didn’t last long….

The hard facts:


100g flour type 550

75ml water

1 tsp baking malt

5g fresh yeast


200g flour type 550

200g spelt flour type 1100 (Dinkel-Ruchmehl)

220ml milk

45g butter

30g ghee

and ghee for brushing the dough, about 1 1/2 tblsp;

and 1 eggyolk with 2 tblsp milk for brushing the Hörnchen

The Baking:

pre-heat to 240°C

after 5 min reduce to 190°C, bake for about 20 minutes.

They go very well with a cup of

Black Coffee


8 Gedanken zu “Mürbe Hörnchen – World Bread Day 2012

    1. ja dankeschön! Hier in der Gegend sind die ein wenig in Vergessenheit geraten durch die Croissant- Schwemme, dabei haben sie das nicht verdient, so ein mürbes Hörnle mit Butter und Gsälz (Marmelade) ist was Feines

      Gefällt mir

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