Since I read about the new topic „A Few of My Favorite Things“ my brain started singing:

and logically thinking about – things.
And so once again am I trying out my capacity writing „in english“, to participate in this weekly writing challenge.

Things! Two and a half year ago, I moved- from a three-story, six-room + kitchen + cellar + two bathroom duplex into a three-room apartment, + kitchen, + cellar + bathroom, ok – but my living space was neatly cut down to half. In consequence I had to part with a lot of these above mentioned things. At the same time a friend presented me with this book

Not Buying It

– a very nice coincidence that provoked a lot of thinking about the necessity of and for a lot of things- more often about the not-necessity of or for said things.

Which things do make my life easier? Which things, if looked at closely, are more of a burden? My life is, and was more then, burdened with a lot of things and circumstances, so much that it brought me down with an injury that took me out of nearly everything but healing for several months.

So in consequence I started to un-burden myself and my life, and a very interesting process this was.

Some things are easy to part with.

Knicknacks that only catch dust- being allergic to house-dust, it was very easy to throw those out.

Magazines, gathered through nearly two decades, oh my! I paged through some of them, and my eyes caught on recipes for christmas cookies. How many years had gone since the last of those were created in my kitchen? How could this happen?

So I kept those pages, special to me in trying to win back something for me. And see- every christmas since then I found – planned, stolen, created or otherwise- the time to bake some of those wonderful goodies, and feel I gained something important back in my life.

Books! One of the passions of my life! From my parents I inherited both the passion to read, and a substantial library that is still growing. This was going to be difficult, throwing away books? Unthinkable! Still, there were some that never had been read, or just once and condemned to being insignificant-what about those? Thanks to modern communication I found the possibility to donate books to various institutions and so I could part with some of them.

Clothes! Also a difficult chapter. Why throw away something that is perfectly usable, only because it does not represent the latest in fashion? Some things didn’t fit anymore, so out they went with an easy heart. And other things that went left my mind at ease- unexpected and very nice, this feeling.

Music! Sheets, and CDs, and LPs, and even the piano – all and everything went with me. Musician at heart I could not have parted with one single note.

The kitchen area! Most of the kitchen utensils I use regularly. Some, like the waffle iron, not very often- but still, fresh waffles with home- made ice-cream I would not like to part with. Whereas an electronic knife seems much too dangerous to use, especially for me.

And so today, I find my life has indeed taken a change; through this process of un-burdening I created space for things that really matter. Because I don’t need to spend so much on things that are unneccesary I have time, energy, and money to invest in – singing lessons; trying out a lot of new recipes in the kitchen, and last not least sitting here and wringing my brain out to write something interesting, and in an almost foreign language on top of all that.


4 Gedanken zu “Things!

  1. totally follow you on this one. especially regarding food magazines… for weeks I am taking out recipes and throwing away… it is a never ending job (I accumulated something like over a thousand of magazines and, like you, I almost never try the recipes!!!). going to throw away a lot of clothes too. already got rid of books and videos long time ago. singing lessons? awesome!

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hello B.
      in former times when I was young I tore apart every magazine and collected the pages in boxes according to topics- baking, cooking, needlework, cartoons, andsoon- eventually they all left me, driven out by force….
      and today most of the recipes in the magazines end up online anyway, so I only save magazines when they are a pleasure to read, like books. And nearly never do I buy new ones- one exception, on my trip to Salzburg I bought a very nice austrian cooking magazine.
      And, what I forgot to mention, I also got rid of the TV and that has proved very helpful.

      Gefällt mir

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