Wurzelbrot mit Walnuss

So, sunday again, the hottest day this year so far, and I did not only bake bread, but also a cake, and cooked a meal, containing of stuffed veal chops, salad and of course the already cooled bread. Lucky am I that I like the heat and find life much mor easier in hot than in cold weather. After all, it’s summer- and we have to eat anyway.

Preferably icecream

But, BBD# 53 is calling, and asks for a „swirly“ bread. Swirly enough would surely be this: Mohn-Kranz
but, alas, this was promised elsewhere. Inspiration struck in the shape of a „Zwirbelbrot“ – the german word „zwirbel“ being related to „swirly“, there can be no question about that. The recipes I found led me to „Wurzelbrot“. This has more of a twist than a swirl, and could be translated as „root-bread“ because of its shape which may look something like a tree root.

So, Wurzelbrot it is and I started, as usual, the evening before by mixing flour, yeast, salt and water (and the baking malt, which may not be available everywhere) and let it work overnight.

By the way, I mostly use frozen fresh yeast, and dissolve that in the water together with the salt.

Today after a nice early breakfast outside I found that this poolish did very satisfying work.

nice bubbling poolish

So I mixed more flour – I used the swiss-style „Ruchmehl“- water, salt and yeast and the poolish and set it to rise, out of the way, into the stove.

Once folded in between, the dough is shaped into a lengthy roll, may rise again for ca 20 minutes, and then I shape it flat with my hands.

flat dough, sprinkled with walnuts

Sprinkled with coarsely chopped walnuts, I twist and swirl the whole thing into something resembling simultaneously a bread and a root,

root? bread?

put it in the pre-heated oven (250°C) and throw some water (roughly 50 ml) under the rack . After 10 minutes, the heat ist reduced to 220°, and I open the stove, to let out steam and to take a look, of course. Twenty minutes later, the bread comes out of the stove – and the cake goes in, but this is another story….

„root-bread“, ok

the hard facts:

Poolish, made the evening before

135g wheat flour type 550

15g whole grain wheat flour

5g baking malt – if available

3g salt

3g fresh yeast

150ml water


200g Ruchmehl (wheat flour type 1200, swiss-style)

2g fresh yeast

3g salt

75ml water

Baking time: 250°C; 10 minutes, then 220°C, 20 minutes.

and, if you look, you can detect some swirl from the twist

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